SS & MS Reactors

Chemical Reactors are designed to carry out reactions between liquids, slurries and gases. Such reactions can be endothermic or exothermic involving gases etc. Reactions are carried out at atmospheric pressure or at higher pressure or under vacuum.

We offer all types of reactors for such processes with different type of agitators with or without mechanical seals. Reactors are either Limpeted or Jacketed. Reactors are designed as per IS, ASME, BS, DIN Standards. Our Reactors are economical, simple in construction, and operates at low power. Reactors are available from 0.1KL to 5KL.

Each stirred reactor is a complete system. This includes the reactor vessel, supporting stand, agitation assembly (magnetic stirrer, drive motor, belt, belt guard, impeller and digital tachometer), multiple process connections, drain, sample tube, temperature sensor, cooling coil and rupture disc assembly. Heating system and controls are optional. We offer a complete skid mounted stirred reactor system complete with

Specifications : Capacity – 50 Ltrs to 30000 Ltrs